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Discover our wide range of exclusive lab-grown designs | Explore Now

10% OFF First Order. Use Code:SPARKLENOW10

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Discover our wide range of exclusive lab-grown designs | Explore Now

10% OFF First Order .Use Code:SPARKLENOW10

Enjoy Interest-Free Payments with . Learn More

Bundle Up Sale Offer Terms & Conditions

Bundle Up Sale 2023

Bundle Up and Save 20% off our best selling diamond pendants, stud earrings, bracelets, and ring often purchased together as a set. 

Buy 2 or more to get 20% off with promo code: PAIRWITHLOVE.


Drop us a line at care@verlas.com for assistance with your return, repair, or exchange or visit our Returns/Exchange page to learn more. 

Our studios work tirelessly to ensure that your Verlas jewelry is nothing short of perfection. If you’re not happy with your jewelry, bring it to our attention within 48 hours of receiving the package. If you changed your mind about your purchase, it’s no problem! Either way, just make sure your product has the tag on, in case you’re looking to return or exchange it for another item.


Frequently Asked Questions ***


What do I need to do to avail of this offer? 

Make sure your cart has 2 diamond jewelry items or more from this curated collection and add promo code: PAIRWITHLOVE to save 20% on your cart. 

Note:  This offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotional offers.

How many times can I avail of the Bundle Up Sale ? 

There is no limit on the number of times you can avail of the offer. Grow your wardrobe or theirs with high-quality jewelry and keep sharing how you styled your Verlas  jewelry on Instagram @verlasofficial or email your photos to care@verlas.com to get featured on our IG page.

Can I return items purchased with the Bundle Up Sale offer?

The items purchased are returnable and refunds will be made to the original mode of payment in accordance with the standard return policy. Please make sure that the returned jewelry is unworn, has its tag intact, and is returned with all its packaging materials. If the tags are removed,  refunds will be processed as Verlas Credit* with a 1-year validity from the date of issue. Refunds are subject to standard inspection.

When returning 1 or more pieces from your order, if you happen to retain only 1 product, it will automatically convert to a full-priced item. 20% discount only applies to 2 items or more within the same purchase or order. 

Enjoy free shipping and returns on your first order. Subsequent orders will be shipped for free with a $30 return shipping fee. 

Can I avail of this offer on all the products on web display?

This offer is applicable to the specific diamond jewelry items on display in this collection. This offer is not valid on Gold jewelry, Try-At-Home kits, and Keepsake boxes.

What are the general return policies on Verlas products?

Please read everything about our 30-day and 60-day returns/exchanges here.


Questions about your order? Reach out to care@verlas.com.

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What is Clarity?

Clarity, one of the “Four C’s,” measures a diamond’s naturally-occuring imperfections (also called ‘inclusions’ or ‘flaws.’). Per gemological standards, diamond clarities are categorized as Flawless (F), Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Slightly included (VVS), Very Slightly included (VS) and Included (I). Under 10x magnification, Flawless diamonds do not show any inclusions. Higher-clarity diamonds are rarer and pricier. However, many types of inclusions are invisible even to the naked eye, not to mention they give natural diamonds their unique character. Verlas strikes a balance between clarity and price point which is why we offer hand-cut VS and SI clarity diamonds certified by IGI. You can always contact Verlas Concierge for a different diamond clarity on your favorite Verlas designs.


Very Slightly Included

VS diamonds appear flawless to the naked eye, although they have slight inclusions visible only through a microscope. They are an excellent value, touting extraordinary brilliance.


Slightly Included

Many SI diamonds are “eye clean,” meaning they look just like VS diamonds to the naked eye, despite flaws you can see only through a microscope. Verlas Master Artisans select and hand-cut only the finest SI diamonds for the best value.


Understanding Real Gold and Platinum.

We only work with enduring, ethically-sourced precious metals of the purest quality. All Verlas jewelry is made from solid gold and platinum. We do not offer coated or filled jewelry. If classic is your style, gold may be your metal. If you’re active and fast-paced, platinum can go the distance.

14K - 18K Solid Gold

Gold is an elegant, classic metal that is resistant to discoloration, and slightly shinier than platinum. To optimize quality and durability, we blend our gold with other metals in varying amounts expressed in karats (18K is richer in gold than 14K). You can choose between elegant, vibrant, and delicate 18K or the ever-popular and always lasting 14K.


Platinum is an exceptionally durable, bright white, hypoallergenic metal that’s 30 times rarer than gold. At 95% purity, Verlas platinum is the ideal canvas to make diamonds and intricate engravings pop to the fullest.


What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) simulates the beauty of a diamond but differs drastically in its quality and value. Your Try-at-Home replica jewelry is made with CZ to mimic the beauty of real jewelry at a fraction of a cost so you can feel confident in knowing what your real Verlas jewelry will look like.


What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy made from Copper and Zinc and it has the ability to mimic the gleam of gold. Your Try-at-Home jewelry is made from brass because of the durability and versatility it comes with at a fraction of a cost. Since the alloy tends to tarnish over time, it is best to return your Verlas replicas within the 15- day window.

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